A Postcard From: Romy Dangol ’19

Name: Romy Dangol
Class Year: 2019
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Lalitpur, Nepal

Internship Placement: LITS, Bryn Mawr College
Job Title: Digital Curriculum Intern

What’s happening at your internship? 

I am working as a Digital Curriculum Intern with LITS (Library Information and Technology Services) this summer. It has just been a couple of weeks at work, but I am already involved in new and interesting projects like designing online interactive digital competencies training activities; designing an augmented reality library scavenger-hunt game for students; assisting faculty with seed grants on blended learning resources; and creating and editing Moodle activities.

I have also done research on designing digital assignments. I have organized and managed data on digital competencies that the students have gained in the past summer, and I have learned to create Moodle features like quizzes, lessons for adaptive learning, and feedback surveys. As part of my internship, I have been doing a lot of problem-solving through testing and re-testing. Other interns in the room also volunteer to run and assess the new Moodle activities and give immediate feedback, which is very helpful. We often bounce ideas off one another and incorporate them to create a better version of the model we are currently working on.

It has been a great learning experience so far and I am looking forward to the rest of my summer here.

Why did you apply for this internship?

I applied for this internship because I was interested in learning more about the digital competencies and also in developing my own digital skills further. In addition, I wanted to explore the different types of technological advances in the education sector and use these tools to create digital content to engage learners.

Was there anything special about how you found this internship? 

I was actually presenting my work from last summer’s internship during our Bryn Mawr and Beyond presentation in 2017. There I got the chance to meet Jennifer Spohrer and share my summer experience as a Data & Strategy intern with her.  After learning about my interests in data and technology, she told me about the LITS summer internship opportunities. Here I am now.

What is something you have learned from your internship that you didn’t expect?

I knew coming in that I would learn about project management because of the various projects that I was going to be involved in. However, I did not expect to gain intensive knowledge about managing project constraints, design thinking, planning, and communicating the projects efficiently. These are all valuable skills and I am glad I received the chance to participate in different workshops to hone my skills.