A Postcard From: Eunsoo Jang ’20

I’m a digital curriculum intern working under LITS. Throughout this internship, my partner and I have been taking on three projects. One of them is helping one of the economics professors with making Moodle lessons. From this project, we’ve been learning a lot about what goes on in the back end of Moodle. It’s very interesting because as BMC students, we also use Moodle, but we never see the back end of Moodle. I probably would not have been able to have the experience of that if it weren’t for this project. Also, through this project, I learned to do a lot about troubleshooting because everything was very new to me.

The next project that I’m working on involves the BMC library scavenger hunt. Because there was a lot of problems with accessibility in the previous one, our project was to make an augmented reality scavenger hunt. So we are using software called Aris to help us make this AR scavenger hunt. In this game, we mostly use QR codes. People who have iOS devices can use their own, but otherwise will have to borrow one of the iPods from the library. They will use the iOS device to download the app, Aris, and will go around the library to complete the missions in the game. Also there will be iBeacons that will help them learn information about each floor in the library. While we were making this game, we were deciding which colored paper we would use to put the QR codes. So we put different colored paper in the office where I work with interns, and they voted for what they liked. And the last two candidates were pink and yellow. Below is a picture that shows this.

QR Codes for Scavenger Hunt

Learn more about the scavenger hunt for BMC libraries.

The third project that I’m working on is making interactive content with the topic of digital competencies. The BMC digital competencies are very useful tools for BMC students, but many students don’t know about it. I took a lot of time learning the digital competencies myself and started trying out different ways to make content about digital competencies that could be active and fun. The one my partner and I decided on doing was making an interactive video. The interactive video is about learning all the digital competencies and reflecting on what kind of skills the person has gained or would like to gain in the future. We used a website called Biteable which we used for putting in animations for the video. Learn more about digital competencies.

This internship reminded me of my BMC academic semesters because there was a lot of multitasking to do. I’ve learned so much about communication and reflective practice and am still learning many more things as a digital curriculum intern. I am hoping that this experience would not only help me with my future after graduation, but during my remaining BMC years.