A Postcard From: Kim Davis ’20

Kim Davis at computer

My name is Kim Davis and I’m currently a junior in the class of 2020! I got the opportunity to work for LITS this summer to help as an audio/video intern, and a lot of our content we’re planning, filming, and editing is centered around the Digital Competencies at Bryn Mawr, which I didn’t know about prior to this internship. It’s been amazing to work for LITS, and I have learned of so many resources that we have on campus that I never heard of before like Lynda.com and the digital competencies. I might sound like I’m promoting something, and I am a little bit, but these things have really upped the game for me! Having free access to Lynda.com through my brynmawr.edu email has given me access to video production courses that are hard to access on campus, and really helped me to get better at my craft. Through the digital competencies, I can now sell my skills like it’s nobody’s business. I don’t just edit videos, I am fluent in project management, collaborative communication, file management, and audiovisual analysis and production. Check out the digital competencies infographic and get familiar with the terms! Sell yourself and get those jobs!

On that note, I feel that this internship has been a very empowering experience. Not only has it helped me to realize that I am, indeed, a responsible adult who can have a job and responsibilities, but I’ve gotten to manage projects and take control of my own time and organize my time and deadlines. Palak Bhandari, Bryn Mawr College alum and intern supervisor, has been a really incredible mentor and a really great leader. Her and the entire team at Educational Technology in LITS have been so welcoming and warm, and I look forward to working with them all in future endeavors and would definitely recommend working with them.

I’m learning to network, to manage my own time, furthering my skills in film, getting better at project management, and the team I’m working with is very warm and welcoming too. I’m currently organizing a video series on developing audiovisual analytic and production skills (or video making and editing skills), so keep an eye out for that. Megan, our other audio video intern, is leading the SEPTA video project we have planned, and I’m excited to help edit that video because I know I needed some guidance to get over my anxiety of navigating SEPTA and Philadelphia. Stay tuned for that because we’re going to go in depth and explain all the confusing aspects of SEPTA that give you and I anxiety.

To wrap it all up, I am immensely grateful for this opportunity thanks to LILAC to work for LITS and with the team of people I work with. I feel very prepared to take on the job market and the next two years of college.