A Postcard From: Namrata Basu ’19

Name: Namrata Basu
Class Year: 2019
Major: Mathematics

Internship Placement: MathILy
Job Title: Program Aide

For a part of this summer, I’m working with MathILy (Mathematics infused with levity), a residential summer program for high school students. It takes place on Bryn Mawr College’s campus.

Being a math major at a liberal arts college, this program fits right into that experience. Students from different parts of the country, and the world, come to learn and grow not only as academic scholars, but also as individuals. The program is five weeks of looking at mMath and at life through different lenses, which is similar to what I’ve experienced at Bryn Mawr. It’s not just plugging numbers into a formula or rote learning a theorem; it’s questioning, analyzing, reading and writing!

I’ve always loved math and being in conversations with like-minded people was great. My position is a program aide. My duties include being a residential counselor, supervising and supporting students, managing logistics. All the duties mentioned above relate to the on-campus positions I hold. So, it’s a good opportunity for me to grow in those positions and hone the skills I’ve developed at Bryn Mawr.

I also like interacting with high school students; they are at such an exciting age where they are eager to learn and to try new things. I like the idea of being able to contribute to their learning curves. It’s also nice to see the community we have even if it’s only for five weeks. Bryn Mawr provided me with a community that’s there for me when I’m trying to figure out who I am, and I see that with this program, too. It’s a community of people from different walks of life who want to support you in whatever you’re doing.

This experience has given me the chance to think about life after Bryn Mawr — what it would be like to have a “real” job. It was also interesting to see Bryn Mawr in the summer. It’s a different vibe. Overall, these five weeks have been a huge learning curve!